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"The tree which moves some to tears of joy is in the eyes of others only a green thing that stands in the way"
– William Blake, 1799, The Letters

Tree Services Columbia SC

Columbia Tree Pros is an established and reliable tree service company that operates in and around Columbia, South Carolina. We deliver quality and affordable tree services to our loyal customers and we deliver our tree services at a highly competitive cost in the safest manner possible. We also hire the best arborists and ISA tree service technicians to ensure that all of our high standards are kept. We have modern equipment and tools to ensure efficient and effective work completion.

Our love of trees and continued effort to remain relevant gives us a vast amount of knowledge regarding all types of tree services and tree care in the Midlands. This means that we will know what to do and how to do it, which is a must if you are looking for the best tree company in Columbia. Book a FREE tree service estimate today by calling (803)-403-0482.

About Us

Here at Columbia Tree Pros, we have a history of providing excellent tree services to all of our customers old and new for over 17+ years. We have a strong customer base in the communities of Columbia, SC and neighboring communities in the Midlands. We make sure that all of our customers tree service needs are met by offering a satisfaction guarantee. Our range of services will help you transform your property and develop it into more attractive place to be.

Who knows, that coveted neighborhood yard of the month might be waiting! While residential home tree care is the majority of our business, we do offer both residential and commercial tree services in Columbia and surrounding cities.

If you are looking for an affordable tree removal company in Columbia, SC with 17+ years of experience operating in the Midlands, look no further than Columbia Tree Pros. While exploring our services, consider some of the following points. All our personnel are vetted, trained and licensed by ISA standards and field personnel must undergo rigorous training before showing up to conduct tree services on your property.

Being that we are ISA trained and licensed professionals, the tree services we provide the Columbia community are in high demand and appreciated by our loyal client base.  We are always looking to grow our client family and we truly look forward to serving you or your business when it comes to tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, tree cabling and bracing, stump grinding, land and brush clearing or our 24/7 emergency tree service.

Experienced and Professional: You heard it right! Our team brings over +17 years of experience working in tree removal service and we proudly have been part of the Columbia community as residents and business owners for years.  Removing a majestic beauty that weighs tons brings a very real and dangerous element to our work.  Please make sure you consult with a professional when considering this type of tree service.

Certification and License: Being an expert in the craft of tree removal means constantly seeking the latest in education through certifications and licenses to ensure we are staying relevant and adhering to local laws and guidelines.  We make sure everyone that works for our tree company is trained and you as a client are protected against any potential liability.

Affordable Pricing: Free quotes are just part of what we offer every potential client.  With that being said, give us a call and lets talk about what tree service you need to help beautify your landscape.  We guarantee our pricing will be hard to match in the Midlands!  Why?  Because we are hungry business owners with a growth mindset and don’t let greed through pricing get in the way of serving our community or growing our business.  We know that if we can offer the best pricing on tree removal in Columbia, you will be a repeat customer.  We’ll take that any day versus a one time job.

While nationally branded tree companies are great and provide name recognition, they are rarely integrated into the community like a locally owned small business and the level of concern and care doesn’t match what you get with Columbia Tree Pros.  Their cookie cutter pricing is not what you will get from us.  See why we have won awards and have been counted on within the Columbia and Midlands tree service community for years. 

Residential and Commercial: Within our company, tree removal in Columbia SC is a blend of residential and commercial real estate.  We’ve done land clearing for commercial properties, which requires clearing the land and removing a lot of trees for new construction projects.  At the same time, a home residence with a dead tree that needs to be removed for safety concerns or simply removing a tree to make way for a pool or shed, is just as important to our tree company as the commercial jobs.  We are capable and ready with the proper equipment to turn your property, whether residential or commercial, into a dream-scape.

Our Tree Services

Here at Columbia Tree Pros, we pride ourselves on the quality of our tree care. Whether it’s something like tree trimming or a more complex project like complete tree removals, know that the best tree company in Columbia is going to be safely and diligently working for you. We offer both residential and commercial tree services. This means that whatever type of property you own, we can help you maintain your landscape and the tree health of your trees. All of our services are carried out by trained and experienced arborists. The services that our team offers are tree removal, tree trimming and pruning, stump grinding and removal, tree cabling and bracing, land and brush clearing and we also offer an emergency tree service.

Tree Removal

A tree removal is an important service that we provide to our loyal customer base. If you have a tree on your property that is dead and decaying it can harm your property. The tree can fall and cause a lot of damage. A dead tree can also be an eyesore on your property. This can devalue your property and make it a safety hazard. Book a free tree removal estimate with us today.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

As a tree grows, it can grow out of control if not properly maintained year to year. Your tree may become structurally unstable or it may even block out sunlight from your property. Trees can even grow and damage power lines that are near your property too. In order to prevent these issues, book a professional tree trimming and pruning service. That is to say, call the best tree company in Columbia to book a free estimate today. Our expert team of arborist know how to safely trim your trees and keep them looking healthy and well maintained.

Stump Grinding & Removal

A stump can be an eyesore on your property. They can also host disease and parasites. They also are a serious trip hazard to children and pets. The only issue is that a stump is very stubborn and hard to remove. We offer both stump grinding and stump removal. Stump grinding is when we chip down the stump into little pieces. Then we also offer stump removal which is a more thorough service. This is when we remove the stump and the roots as well.

We gladly provide tree services to our friendly Midlands neighbors in:

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Have you got a tree that is leaning to the side, or even a tree that is cracked and breaking? If you don’t act fast, the tree could fall over and cause significant damage to you or your property. The solution to this problem is booking in a tree cabling and bracing service with our expert team of tree specialists. We will be able to brace and cable the tree so it can heal and grow properly in the future. This can save you on potential damages to your property and it can save your trees health.

Land & Brush Clearing

Have you got an area on your property that you need to use but you can’t as it is overrun with brush and unused old trees? That’s where our land clearing and brush clearing services come in. Our expert team can clear land and prepare it for building. We also can clear out old brush to help you transform your property. This can give you a new space on your property and completely change the atmosphere.

Emergency Tree Service

Here at Columbia Tree Pros, we provide a vital and much needed emergency tree service. This service is designed to help you when you need it most. We are available 24 hours a day to ensure that we can help you if disaster strikes. If a tree falls, it can cause massive damage to anyone or anything that is caught underneath. Do not hesitate to call us regarding our emergency tree service.

Tree Company in Columbia SC


We pride ourselves on our 5-Star customer satisfaction and our high standards of service. To make sure that our high standards are met, we hire the top tree surgeons with the best training and the newest equipment. This means that we are confident that we will provide your family or business industry leading tree care. If you have any question regarding the services we offer, please do not hesitate to call or email us.

Information About Our Tree Service in Columbia SC


How to Remove A Tree?
At this point, you know you need to address a tree problem, but does your assessment sync with that of a tree service professional like a licensed and experience technician or that of a seasoned arborist? 

Our first priority is trying to save the tree.  If there is a way to do tree care and rehabilitation by way of deep root fertilization, tree trimming or tree wound care, then that is what we will recommend. Rarely is it a good idea to just remove a tree.  These beautiful structures are highly resilient and sometimes it just takes a bit of tree care to get them back to the desired state of flowering trees. 

Felling a tree in Columbia SC requires you to work within the local laws and ordinances governing tree service companies.  We will first begin with the method of climbing and cutting the tree into sections and lower them down piece by piece.  If there is ample room during the tree removal process, we will remove the tree by cutting it at the base and guide it through its free fall to the ground.

We will discuss the whole tree cutting process with you, so you are aware of how the tree removal will be performed.

Why Have a Tree Removed?
Remember, the first priorty is to perform a proper tree assessment before immediately moving to a tree removal.
Below are quick reminders of signs and symptoms you can notice about the tree health before call a tree service company.
Tree roots are in the early phases of property or concrete damage
Dead limbs that are indications of tree disease Overgrowth causing damage to your home or fence
Aesthetic for property development
Contagious infection that is beyond tree care measures of improvement


Dismantling a tree and lowering it branch by branch is a tedious and dangerous process.  Whether commercial or residential tree care services are needed, you can count on Columbia Tree Pros to provide the best tree service in the Midlands.  We bring modern equipment and a highly skilled staff to each project and that ensures a level of professionalism that is desired when taking on the enormous task of tree removal or tree trimming.  And, above all, we prioritize safety. 

Because of our experience and modern equipment, we can provide the cheapest tree removal in Columbia, SC.  Tree trimming is the key to a beautiful property and staying on top of this tree service annually can make a big difference in property aesthetics and property safety.  Removing a tree is not always the ideal circumstance.  Cutting the tree branches, also known as tree trimming, is a step taken for a variety of reasons.  Some could include insect infestation, dead or decaying branches, branches impeding walkways and street signs or branches that are too low and suffocating yard space. 

Appearance seems to be a major factor for tree trimming.  It could be a functional necessity to ensure natural growth or a preferred design.  Just make sure that the tree professional is adhering to the American National Standards Institute for tree pruning.  The standards lay out a guideline for techniques, tools and methods to be followed, which results in the best tree care provided for your trees. Remember, improper tree trimming can result in permanent damage to your trees.  Don’t ever remove more than 25% of the foliage during growing season.  Don’t prune a newly planted tree during the first year unless it is showing signs of decay or dead branches.  The plant roots are such an integral component to proper tree health and should be factored into all decisions whether new or old, large or small.  Make sure to leave stubs.  You don’t want to cut it flush.  Lastly, use wound paint if applicable.

These are some guidelines to adhere to when tree cutting or tree trimming.  Make sure to hire or consult professionals if you don’t have a background in tree care.  After all, you should be given a free estimate and that is the perfect time to consult a professional tree company about your concerns.

Please don’t forget that we also provide tree services in Lexington, SC. In actuality, our tree services span all of the surrounding areas of Columbia, SC.  We’ve been conducting tree services in Irmo, Cayce, Forest Acres, Dentsville and Lake Murray too.  Midlands is a vast network of beautiful towns and cities and we strive to provide the best tree care for all the residents of these wonderful places.  Give us a call today for your FREE estimate.  See ya’ll soon!


Sooner or later, if you own property, you will inevitably run into the question of taking down a tree.  Whether it’s due to a prior property owners neglect or a situation beyond your control like mother nature unleashing her wrath through a strong storm.  Either way, it means you will have to hire a tree removal service to conduct a complete removal from top to bottom that ultimately ends with a stump removal.  But, this process might be avoided with tree trimming or pruning after a proper diagnostic from a licensed Columbia arborist. Tree trimming could alleviate dead foliage suffocating the tree and possibly bring new life to this majestic beauty.  Is it a matter of overgrown and dead branches in need of tree trimming or do you have to cut it down and completely remove the tree because of storm damage? 

Depending on the time of year, what we see most is that a major storm left damaged trees on a property, which leaves the concerned owner seeking a tree company to provide a recommendation. One thing is for sure, the potential danger involved with tree removal means you want to hire a professional trained in tree service and seek out the advice of a licensed arborist.  We always recommend contacting us before storm season to do a proper tree assessment and tree diagnostic because the chances of a tree falling and damaging your home increases significantly due to the high winds during a severe storm.  Getting ahead of the problem and be proactive, which can really save you a lot of headache when nature misbehaves.

Contacting a tree removal service in Columbia to remove the damaged limbs or proactively take down a tree can be a challenge in and of itself.  How do you hire a tree company if you are unsure where to start?  Here are some ideas and steps you should take when hiring a tree company.

First, contact your home insurance company to have them assess the damage and see if it’s covered by your insurance.  Hopefully, fingers crossed, they will pay for the tree removal or home repairs if it has already fallen and damaged your property.  We’ve found that the initial planting of the tree might have been the genesis of the problem due to insufficient holes.  Start with your insurance company and work with our arborist to see whether it was human error or mother nature.

Secondly, hire a good tree company that is trustworthy and an expert in their craft.  The inherent dangers associated with tree removal stands alone and simply unleashing an amateur with a chainsaw is a recipe for disaster.  Horror stories abound and Columbia, SC has a landscape and tree ordinance that is in order to protect the cities greenscape.

We suggest the good old fashion way of asking your neighbors or friends within the community for recommendations.  Word of mouth is powerful because it speaks to someones previous experience with a tree company after they provided their tree services.  If someone has received excellent service and had a memorable experience from a tree removal company in Columbia SC, then chances are they know what they are doing or are providing a tree removal service that has stood the test of time.  Go out there and talk to your community and find out who provided the tree care to your neighbor. Then, speak with them directly and ask for an estimate.  Beware of companies charging for a quote.  Why are they charging?  Because they have found they are not securing a lot of the tree removal jobs due to inexperience or poor customer service.  This way they are at least making something whether they get the job or not.  A reputable tree company believes in its mission and will offer a free quote.  That’s what we do here at Columbia Tree Pros!

Estimate in hand and meeting face to face will give you a good feel for what you can expect as a service. In order to make an informed decision, don’t hesitate to ask any and all questions you have.  Remember, they are the tree experts and are happy to share their knowledge.  These tree technicians should be pleasant and knowledgeable.  Don’t feel obligated because you got a free quote. Take the extra time needed to get a few tree removal estimates for any tree care or tree work you are seeking.  Then, you will have multiple interactions to weigh before making the important decision.

Lastly, make sure you seek the guidance of a licensed and insured arborist.  These are the highest credential professionals in the industry, most also have college degrees to accompany their vast knowledge and skill set. Also make sure they have insurance so that you, the homeowner, are protected against property damage or potential injuries from those conducting tree care on your property.

Tree Service Frequently Asked Questions


Absolutely!  Columbia Tree Pros understands that a service such as tree removal or tree trimming (depending on the size of the tree) can be an expensive undertaking.   We also understand that you want to be sure you are getting a good price and not overcharged.  If it is not an emergency, such as a fallen tree after a storm or a potentially hazardous limb that is about to fall and needs immediate removal, spending thousands of dollars is a big decision and takes time. 

We also understand that there is potential for a relationship for years to come and you will want to meet the tree company you are going to partner with for all your tree services.  Call us today to meet our experience team of ISA tree technicians that specialize in tree removals in Columbia and the surrounding areas in the Midlands.


No, they can’t make you remove a tree against your will.  You are also not allow to go onto a neighbors property without their permission. The only issue arrives if your tree endangers the property of your neighbor. Tree care is essential for the health of the tree and surrounding plants and vegetation.


A tree that is causing risk of fire, blocked view (view easements), overhanging branches or one that has invasive roots.  A tree owner must keep the tree in a condition that is acceptable and not posing risk of injury.  You will need to seek counsel if there is a dispute because maliciously or willfully removing a tree without a neighbors permission could make you liable for replacement cost, diminution of value or loss of aesthetic value.


A tree that has been damaged by a storm and fallen over can cause serious property damage. Powerful winds from a hurricane, heavy snowfall or strong wind storm can easily break branches or cause a tree to fall over. This can be due improperly maintaining the tree during the course of it’s life.  An act of God is an event that a person has no control over.  Homeowners will need to file an insurance claim because some policies might exclude coverage for specific disasters like earthquakes or floods.  It depends on your area and if that is already factored into your insurance policy. If a tree was damaged from a storm, carefully review your policy details before filing a claim to see what natural disasters are included so you can receive compensation for the cost of tree removal services or for any repairs on property that was damaged by the fallen tree.


An arborist is highly regarded and considered the doctor of trees.  Often times, they are highly educated with Master’s degrees in Forestry and Arboriculture.  The field is quite vast and includes many specialties.  Diagnosis and treatments of tree diseases, climbing and pruning, surveying, consultancy or tree reports are areas of focus for an arborist.  They are the tree care professionals skilled and trained in the art and science of Arboriculture.  They will either work for a commercial tree care company, college/university instructor, work as a municipal arborist or forester, government work as an urban forester or utility forestry. 


With a population of approximately 131,674 as of 2019, Columbia is the capital of South Carolina and currently it’s second largest city.  Columbia is based in Richland County and is the 70th-largest metropolitan area in the country. 

It’s home to the University of South Carolina, it’s flagship university and home of the Gamecocks. Columbia is also home to Ft. Jackson, which is the largest Army Basic Training installation.

Columbia is the focal city of the Midlands region. Both the Saluda River and Broad River converge to form the Conagree River that runs South into Lake Marion.

Downtown Columbia seems to being going through a revitalization with many new businesses sprouting up on Main Street.  Did you know that Columbia didn’t have paved roads until 1908 when Main Street was surfaced for 17 blocks!

Columbia is the heart of South Carolina and has charm and character that will leave you wanting more.  For more information on the City of Columbia, visit the city’s website or the Wikipedia page.