Emergency Tree Service in Columbia SC

At Columbia Tree Pros we have found one of the most important service we offer our customers is an emergency tree service. It is without question that you will need an expert team for emergency tree service when a tree has fallen. You will also need our emergency tree service if a tree is about to fall or is causing damage to important structures like a sewer, power lines or fencing. As this is an emergency service, know that we are available 24 hours. We will call out to your property and get to work as soon as we can.

Safety is always a priority when it comes to tree health. A tree can cause horrific injury and even death if it unexpectedly falls. Our team of ISA professionals are trained to deal with an array of situations when they are called upon for an emergency tree service. When we arrive at the scene, we will immediately assess the situation and get to work. If you try to move a tree that has fallen, there can be a lot of safety issues that you may not have considered. We provide our service on a 24-hour basis to ensure you can contact us in case of an emergency and don’t have to take matters into your own hands.

When do you need an emergency tree service?
Downed trees or damaged tree limbs can pose a great threat to your property and to anyone who is currently at the property. They can cause serious injury and can cause structural damage to your property. Trees can also come in contact with power lines adding an additional safety risk. If someone has been injured at your property call 911 immediately to get them medical assistance. You can call us 24 hours a day if a tree has fallen on your property. Our team of ISA trained tree technicians will immediately call out.

Fallen Trees
The most common call that we get in relation to our tree emergency services is usually to do with a fallen tree. As trees grow over time and are subjected to the unpredictability of mother nature, it may become damaged or structurally weakened. If this issue is not caught early enough the tree will fall unexpectedly and can block pathways and roads. The tree can even cause significant damage to nearby structures or power lines. The tree may even cause injury or death. Our specialist team will ensure that the fallen tree is removed safely and in a timely manner.

After Storms and Extreme Weather
During storm season there is certain extra risks. Strong winds and a lot of rain can cause a weak or old tree to lose limbs or even fall completely. The tree can fall on your property and cause structural damage. It may affect power lines and even cause injury. Our emergency tree service can provide you with a level of security if this happens to you. We can arrive at your house or property in a timely manner. We will provide these tree services 24 hours a day and for a reasonable price.

A Sick Tree
A tree that has become diseased and has not been treated will become weakened over time. It can also cause instability and can even cause the tree to die. The disease may even spread to other trees on your property. If you notice any of the signs of tree disease, you should call our professional arborist team to carry out an emergency tree service. If you don’t call this service in time, the tree may fall and cause significant damage to you or your property. If you have a tree that is in bad health, you should call us today. All necessary contact details are found under the contact us page.