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Columbia Tree Pros should be your number one choice for tree services in Lexington, SC. Our aim as a tree company is to make our customers happy, so we pride ourselves in being flexible and able to work when we are needed. We have put together an experienced team of ISA trained technicians ready and willing to help in whatever way they can. Contact us if you need any tree services from tree removal to tree trimming and everything in between. We offer FREE estimates on all our services, so don’t hesitate to call us today.

About Us

We have 17+ years of experience in the field of tree services, and we can do all of the work you have in mind! We are a highly reputable and local tree company in Lexington and take pride in helping our community stay beautiful.

On top of that, Columbia Tree Pros is a leading provider of tree removal service in Lexington. Our customers love the affordable, high quality services we provide – and we are proud to say that they always come back to us for future tree care needs. We are highly rated in the local area, and we want to help you too! 

If you’ve just moved to a new place in the Lexington area and need your lot clearing, or suspect you have a diseased tree, we can help. Our fully qualified team can also help with maintaining tree health, tree trimming, tree crown reduction, and more.

Tree Services Lexington SC

Columbia Tree Pros specializes in tree services in Lexington. Having trees in your yard, or around your commercial property can add value and make the area much more attractive. We all love to spend a summer evening in a shady yard, or throw a ball around with the kids in a safe and pleasant outdoor area. However, trees do need some help to flourish - and having specialist care from experienced arborists can make sure you and your family get to enjoy the trees and planting around your home for longer.

We pride ourselves in our safety, using state of the art equipment.   Our staff is ISA trained and license, which allows us to use the tools we have properly and effectively.

These are our most popular tree services in Lexington:
Tree Removal
Tree Trimming & Pruning
Stump Grinding & Removal 
Tree Cabling & Bracing 
Land & Brush Clearing 
Emergency Tree Service

If you see what you are looking for on the list above, contact us and we can arrange to come to your property in Lexington and help, all for an affordable price. We also give free, no obligation quotes to help you decide.

Tree Services in Lexington

The team at Columbia Tree Pros works across the Midlands and services the Lexington area. Our tree services are detailed on this page, but if you have another tree related problem, message or call us and we will get back to you in a timely manner and see what we can do to help. Please make sure to include all the details to allow for the most efficient response. Trust that our tree company will bring professionalism and answers to your front door.

Tree Removal

Sometimes, trees need to be removed, whether it is because they are old and dangerous, because there is a new construction, or because they were damaged by a storm. In cases like this, you need our tree removal services. It is important to make sure to get a professional to do this as tree removal comes with the risk of large branches of the tree falling on you, your family, or your property. We make sure to use the best tools and all of our arborists are ISA trained to make sure that your tree removal service is the best that can be provided.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Trees need pruning to keep them in good health. Depending on the tree, it will need pruning anywhere between every year (many young trees, and fruiting trees), to only once every 5-6 years (older, sturdier trees – although the type of tree makes a difference as well). If you are not sure if your trees need trimming, message or call us and we can help tell you what tree care will help your trees flourish. We can also arrange a site visit for more information. Contact a team member by phone or online for more on the full range of trimming and pruning services we provide.

Stump Grinding & Removal

After a tree is removed, the stump needs to be ground or removed. Stump grinding requires specialist tools which are used to fully remove all evidence of the tree to below the soil line, and chip the remains. Not only does an old tree stump make your yard look bad, but it also attracts pests like ants to make their nests in the soft decaying wood. These pests can get into your home and cause problems inside the house. We use state of the art equipment to ensure that the stump is ground and removed efficiently and the space can be used for something else.

“I needed a tree pruning service in Lexington, and was able to get the best with Columbia Tree Pros! I now go back whenever I need my trees trimming, and if I have any other tree care issues.” Lisa P.

“All I needed to search was “tree services Lexington”, and I found Columbia Tree Pros. I would highly recommend this service to all my friends and neighbors.” Shawn R.

“Thank you, Columbia Tree Pros for helping me with all my tree needs. Your crew was very professional.” Helen H.

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree cabling and bracing involves the installation of rigid or flexible rods, which help support trees. Each tree needs specialist attention. Tree support like this is as much an art as a science – it is not always obvious where weak branches are, where supports may be installed, or how best to ensure the success of the tree. Luckily, our arborists in Lexington are fully trained, confident and specialists in their field, and can help show you where the trees need help. Ready to learn more about our great value tree cabling and bracing services? Call our reliable team today.

Land and Brush Clearing

Land and brush clearing is used to prepare land for building work. Large scale, specialist tools are often needed, and depending on the size of the land that you want clearing, you might need a large team to work as efficiently as possible. There are sometimes laws around land and brush clearing that you may not know about, because if done unchecked it can harm the surrounding environment. For example, if there is an unusual or endangered species of animal that lives in the area you want clearing, harming their habitat may be problematic. If you aren’t sure if you are allowed to clear your land, message us and we can help

Emergency Tree Service

If a tree emergency strikes, call us! We understand that emergencies can come along at any time and come in any shape. Whether a tree has fallen in your yard, branches have come down during construction, or a storm has suddenly damaged your trees, we can help. Even if you don’t know exactly what tree service you need, but know something is wrong with your tree, contact us and we can come to your property, carry out a preliminary assessment and give you more information about how we can help.

Tree Company in Lexington SC


We take a tremendous amount of pride in our 5-Star customer satisfaction and our high standards of service. We only hire ISA trained and licensed technicians, which ensures our high standards are kept. Our modern equipment allows us to perform complex tree removals to tree trimming of large oak trees. 

Whether you need your fruit trees pruned to ensure a better crop, have a lot you need to clear that requires numerous tree removals, or you have suffered damage during a storm and need the remains of fallen trees hauled away, we can help.
If you have general questions about the comprehensive range of tree services we provide Lexington, you can call the number provided on our website during normal working hours. A member of the team will then be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a site or home visit, to assess the work required and give you a free, no obligation quote.
We know it’s not always convenient to call in working hours, so we also provide an online contact option. Simply complete the form below.

When you get in touch, we’ll need to know:

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Tips For Hiring The Best Tree Company for a Tree Removal

It can be dangerous to leave a tree that is old and dying in case it falls. Because of this, removal is sometimes the best option, for the safety of you, your family and the properties that the tree is near. Tree removal can be dangerous because if it is not done by professionals, parts of the tree can fall or it can damage other vegetation around it. A professional is also needed to make sure the tree actually needs to be cut down. Sometimes, other support like cabling may be all that's required, or only certain parts of the tree need to be cut with tree trimming.

Why might my tree need removing?

Trees need removing for many different reasons, some of which you can see easily, like if a storm hits and the tree begins to lean dramatically. Some reasons are less easy to spot, for example if the tree is diseased, or some of the branches aren’t strong enough. A tree may also need to be removed if it is getting in the way of a new construction, or even if the tree is getting too big, and its roots are beginning to damage the road or foundations of buildings next to it. However, before cutting down a tree, it is important to make sure you know your alternatives – can you cable or brace the tree? Is there just one branch that is the problem, and if so can it be cut off? There are often alternatives that are important to consider.

Does my tree need removing?

Sometimes, it is obvious that a tree needs removing; it has fallen or is beginning to fall. However, sometimes it is less obvious – maybe it is diseased, or has pests in it. Because of this, it is best to hire an experienced arborist to check whether your tree needs removing, or you risk either leaving a dangerous tree, or removing a tree that doesn’t need it. At Columbia Tree Pros, we make sure that we only remove a tree if it is absolutely necessary or the client actively wants it.

Can I do this myself?

The short answer to this question is no. You should not remove a tree unless you know exactly what you are doing. We know what we are doing and have years of experience, so we are able to make sure that removing your tree is completely safe and doesn’t harm the environment or property around it. If you remove your own tree, you may not know other alternatives and may risk removing a tree that doesn’t need removing – as well as putting you and your family at risk.

Can I cable the tree instead?

As mentioned before, it is important to consider other options before completely removing a tree. One of these options is cabling. Cabling is the use of rods and cables to support a tree. This has to be done by a professional who knows where to put them. It’s not something that should be tried alone. If you try to cable your own tree, you risk damaging the tree even more, which could be a danger to you, the property and people around you. Use the contact page to message or call us, and we can help you decide whether you need your tree removed, or whether there is another solution for you.

Tree Trimming Lexington SC

Tree trimming and pruning is important for the health of your trees. It helps make sure that your trees don’t become overgrown, and that if they are fruiting trees, they are able to give the biggest, and best quality fruit possible. Tree trimming and pruning cuts back the tree, so that it doesn’t waste its energy on leaves or branches that aren’t adding anything - they might not give fruit, or they might be dying. It is important to get a professional tree company to trim your trees, because that way you can ensure that you don’t damage your trees more by over or under pruning them.

What is tree trimming?

Tree trimming is a very common form of tree care. It needs to happen the most often in young and fruiting trees, but should also sometimes be done in older trees as a preventative measure. Tree trimming and pruning needs to be done by someone with a knowledge of tree biology, or you risk cutting too much or too little of the tree. If you have trees you love on your property, it is worth getting a professional like Columbia Tree Pros in to trim and prune them, to make sure they can flourish and live for as long as possible.

Does my tree need trimming?

If your tree has been trimmed before, you may have been told when it will need trimming again. Fruit trees need trimming every year, because by trimming off excess branches or leaves that aren’t helping the tree, it is able to put more of its energy into making the best fruit. Young trees, or trees in very well manicured areas also need pruning or trimming regularly. Older trees don’t need trimming or pruning that often, and when they do, it is more often for preventative reasons. Whatever the type of tree, it is important to make sure to get professionals like Columbia Tree Pros in to advise and carry out the work.

Can I trim my own trees?

Although trimming your own tree is fairly safe for you, over pruning, under pruning, or pruning in the wrong places can be dangerous for the tree, shorten its lifespan, and open it to the risk of disease. At Columbia Tree Pros, we are all experienced ISA tree technicians, and we know when and where to prune and trim trees to make sure that they end up in the best condition possible.

Our Tree trimming & pruning service

Trees need trimming for many different reasons – and whether it is so that they produce bigger fruit, to thin the branches, or to prevent disease, Columbia Tree Pros are here to help. We make sure that the trees you are left with are in good condition and that they can live for as long as possible. Contact us if you need any help, and one of our professional arborists will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions about whether and when your tree needs trimming or pruning, don’t hesitate to ask.

Tree Removal Service in Lexington SC