Stump Removal in Columbia SC

Colombia Tree Pros provides professional stump grinding and stump removal services. All services are carried out by our team of experienced and highly trained ISA professionals. An old tree stump can be a stubborn eye sore that is devaluing your property. They can also be host to a range of infestations, as well as being a safety hazard. There are two ways to eliminate the stubborn stump on your property. They are stump grinding and stump removal. Contact us today to discuss which option is best for you.

Stump Grinding
Stump grinding is a cheap and effective way to eliminate a stump from your property or garden. Our expert team will use the latest equipment and tools to grind down your stump into little pieces. The stump will be chipped away until it is a couple of inches below the ground. This will completely remove it from sight and restore your property. A stump grinding costs less than a stump removal, while also being a much more time efficient process. Stump grinding will leave no trace of a stump or scar on your property.

Stump Removal
A stump removal is the complete removal of both the stump and its roots. It is needed if you wish to build on land that currently as the roots can cause complications to the foundation of the structure. To complete a removal of a stump, our team will usually have to use heavy machinery to force the stump out. This can prove more costly than a stump grinding as this heavy machinery is expensive to buy, operate and transport. This means the time taken to complete the task will be higher. These extra costs are worth it if you wish to repurpose to the land for commercial or construction use.

Aesthetics of Your Garden
A stump can be a horrible eye sore on your property. If you have a stump outside your home, it can put off neighbors and even deter potential buyers. A stump can even devalue a commercial property depending on its location and size. If you choose a stump grinding or stump removal service from Columbia Tree Pros, we will ensure a complete elimination of the stump upon completion. Let the tree professionals conduct proper tree care and transform your garden into the highlight of your property. This tree service can increase the value of your home or business and make it significantly more attractive aesthetically.

One important reason for getting a stump removed is safety as it poses a big tripping risk. Children and pets are particularly vulnerable to falls and injuries. This is because they tend to spend more of their time running and playing and a stump can be hard to spot when you’re moving fast. Don’t let injuries mean costly medical bills. To mitigate this risk, book a stump grinding or removal with Columbia Tree Pros. Our expert team will remove this hazard from your property at a fair price and in a timely manner. For any queries or to book a consultation call us today. All contact details are listed on the contact us page.