Tree Cabling and Bracing in Columbia SC

Columbia Tree Pros provides a vital service to maintain and develop the trees on your property. That service is tree cabling and tree bracing. These services are carried out by our team of ISA trained tree experts. Our team is experienced and trained to asses which of these services are needed as certain conditions warrant a specific service. Rest assured, our tree services are provided in a safe and timely manner while all being competitively priced.

As trees grow and become tall majestic structures, it may start leaning to one side. Tree cabling is used to bind the higher branches of a tree together. This is used to prevent a tree from becoming structurally unstable. Tree cabling also helps shape the direction a tree will grow. Our highly skilled team will place steel cabling on your tree to join branches together. Because a cable is used, it will still allow your tree to sway with the wind and the tree will still look full, healthy and natural. Tree cabling will also secure your tree, so it will be less likely to break during a storm or extreme weather.

When a tree is becoming structurally unstable or leaning to one side, a tree bracing is needed. Even if a tree has cracked or is breaking, tree bracing could be used to secure the tree. Bracing is used on the lower section of the tree as a steel rod is placed near the damaged area to secure the tree and stop it from breaking completely. Tree bracing is a secure way to improve both your trees structural health and your trees overall appearance. Our team of professional arborists can improve your tree with their expertise on tree bracing.

Save You Money in the Long Run
Tree bracing and cabling is a service that should be carried out regularly and by trained professionals. When a tree has cracked or is starting to lean, it can be fixed with cabling and bracing. When a tree falls it can cause significant damage to your property. This can be incredibly costly to have fixed. To avoid these unnecessary costs, book a tree bracing and cabling service today.

Maintain Tree Health and Structure
When a tree has cracked or is starting to lean to one side it is essential to book a tree cabling and bracing with Columbia Tree Pros. Our ISA trained team will come out to assess the problem and make a recommendation on which service will be best to make your tree more structurally secure as well as helping your tree to repair itself. This type of tree service will help your tree last longer and live a healthier life. A tree bracing and cabling will also stop your tree from falling or breaking further during severe weather.