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Columbia Tree Pros is a affordable tree company in West Columbia that offers professional tree services. Our mission is simple – provide safe, professional tree service at an affordable price. We bring an unmatched depth of knowledge and our experienced team of ISA trained technicians and arborist will be able to meet all your tree care needs. We bring over 17+ years of experience with us to every job.

We work with modern equipment and heavy machinery capable of handling complex tree removals to large tree trimming jobs or what could be simpler residential tree pruning. Our staff is highly experienced, friendly and professional and we work together to ensure the safety of your property. If you are interested to learn more about our tree services, please feel call us or use our contact form below.

About Us

As the best local tree company in West Columbia, we have been trusted by many homeowners in this beautiful city for years. Providing our tree services for a number of years, we have proved ourselves to be trustworthy and dedicated to protecting your home and family. Our staff are expert arborists and ISA tree technicians that are highly skilled in the work that they do, and they are all committed to keeping you safe. By providing free estimates for tree services, we will assess what work needs to be done, happily provide recommendations and create a plan for you. Whatever service you need, you can be assured it will be of the highest standard. If you are in need of a tree removal or another tree service in West Columbia, call us today for a FREE estimate.

Tree Service West Columbia SC

As West Columbia's number one tree service company, you can be sure that you'll rest at ease when we deal with your trees. Offering a variety of services and working with the best arborist in Columbia, we can take care of every need your trees may require.

Keeping your trees well maintained is a vital part of protecting yourself and your property. There are many aspects to tree care that our experts will be able to assess and oversee. From preventing tree disease, removing trees, to preparing land for construction, tree services are a vital part of our community in West Columbia.

With unbeatable results and pricing, our host of regular clients make the most of our competitive rates. We keep our prices low to enable everyone to have access to our tree services. We understand the importance of keeping your trees well maintained. In order to enjoy the beauty of nature, we need to be reassured that the majestic trees surrounding us are not hazardous and  stay healthy in nature. By taking measures to prevent against damage by weather, disease, age and pest issues, we allow ourselves to enjoy them without worry.

We currently offer the following tree and land clearing services to the residents of West Columbia:

– Tree removal 
– Tree Trimming & Pruning
– Stump Grinding & Removal
– Tree Cabling & Bracing
– Land & Brush Clearing
– Emergency Tree Service

Tree Services in West Columbia

Providing all of your tree servicing and land clearance needs, we are driven by a desire to use our expertise to keep you safe. Trees are wonderful things, but regular tree care is vital to ensure that nothing goes wrong. They may seem unpredictable, but if you work with experts, many issues can be avoided. As your local tree company in West Columbia, we are happy to provide tree services that are thorough, of high quality and environmentally friendly. Following a free assessment, our staff will be able to recommend a course of action that will protect you and your loved ones. Tree care is our specialty and we love to find solutions for homeowners or commercial property landlords that need their trees assessed and looked after. Call us today for a FREE estimate on any tree service we provide.

Tree Removal

Trees are truly amazing structures. When in good health, they are strong and flexible. There are many reasons that you may need a tree removed. Possibly, it has succumbed to tree disease and is a risk to you and your property. Or perhaps you need the land cleared for construction work. As your local tree cutting service in West Columbia, whatever the reason, our experts will be happy to help you with your tree removal needs. Tree removal is our specialty and safety is always number one.

Tree Trimming & Pruning

Here at Columbia Tree Pros, we are your local experts for tree trimming in West Columbia. Tree trimming is a vital service that not only keeps your trees looking beautiful, but also a key component to maintain strength, flexibility and health. The process involves removing dead, loose, or diseased branches. This strengthens branches and removes potential hazards. It will also encourage more flowering and increase fruit harvest!

Stump Grinding & Removal

Stump grinding is our recommended method of removing a stump. Once you have had a tree cutting service performed, a small stump will be left. There are many reasons why you might want it removed. Our highly experienced staff will work with specialized equipment to efficiently grind the stump down below ground level so that the top can be covered over. This process leaves behind wood chips which are conveniently excellent for your land when spread over the soil!

“We had an emergency after a heavy storm in the early hours of the morning. We used the 24 hour call out number and Columbia Tree Pros were with us quickly. They dealt with the clean up and were so helpful in our time of crisis!” – Barb & Tim C

“We regularly have Columbia Tree Pros in to check over our many trees. They have caught and treated any diseased trees quickly and effectively over the years. We highly recommend working with them” – Jack G

“I am about to build a new house and hired Columbia Tree Pros to clear the land. They did an excellent job. Taking great care and being very thorough. They removed all waste and left the site spotless. Our building contractors were very happy! Thank you” – Gina T

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Cabling and bracing are excellent alternative to simply cutting down a tree. Although not suitable for some cases, where possible it is an extremely effective and safe method. Utilizing cables and braces, our arborists will expertly place these support structures to assist your tree in remaining safe, stable and strong. As a highly skilled job, Columbia Tree Pros are proud to offer this service in West Columbia.

Land and Brush Clearing

Land clearing is the first stage of any construction work. It is vital that it is done professionally and thoroughly as it makes sure that the land is strong, stable and without any faults for your foundations to be built. It is also excellent practice in agriculture as it nourishes your land, improving your crops and soil retention. This service includes a whole range of services in one and our experts are highly experienced ensuring utmost safety.

Emergency Tree Service

Trees are beautiful but can cause problems! If you have an emergency caused by trees, know that we are here for you. With our 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service, give us a call whenever needed. Our experts are available to deal with the problem, thoroughly assessing the situation and working to minimize the effect in your life. Our priority is keeping you safe.

Tree Company in West Columbia SC


As the number one tree company in West Columbia SC, you can trust us to help you with your tree servicing needs. We will help you to ensure maintenance is thoroughly observed, with all measures taken to keep you and your property safe. Feel free to contact us via our phone number or there is also an online contact form that you can use. We will get back to you as quickly as we can!

Are you in need of a West Columbia tree service? We can help! As your local, trusted tree service company, our priority is keeping you, your property and your trees safe. Offering a large range of services to our community, you can be sure that whatever your tree maintenance needs are, we will be happy to assist you. Keeping on top of the tree health is vital to protecting yourself and your property. Whether you need help with a complete tree removal, land clearing, storm preparation, or tree fertilization we are the most affordable tree service in West Columbia. We begin with a free assessment as one of our expert arborists will be able to perform a full risk assessment and help you with any questions.

Tips For Hiring The Best Tree Company for a Tree Removal

In certain instances, a tree will need to be removed. This could be for safety (if the tree poses a hazard to you and your property), for necessity (if you need the land to be flattened for land clearing), or as a tool to help the rest of your land grow if the tree is too large and blocks light. It is important to get a professional to perform this job as it requires a large amount of skill and expertise to control a tree as it falls. Our experts are on hand to assist you with any trees you need removed in a safe and controlled way.

Why would a tree need to be removed?

Trees are amazing structures. When they are strong, flexible, and in good health they really are a wonder. When a tree becomes weak, however, they can pose a real risk to your safety and that of your property. This could be for any number of reasons but typically weaknesses occur when a tree is diseased, storm damaged, or growing unsustainably.

Tree Disease Diagnosis

With any of our services, you receive a free call out to assess your issues. One of the key factors our experts will look for is tree disease. Not always immediately obvious, a diseased tree is a real hazard and can cause serious damage if left undealt with. Our professionals will evaluate the condition of your tree and build a plan to help keep you safe or to have the tree removed.

Types of Felling

There are several ways to fell a tree. The method that our experts choose will be based on several factors. The two primary factors are the type and size of the tree and the space that you have around it. In built up areas where there is a lot of potential risk, such as residential areas, a technique will be used known as ‘section tree felling’. This is where the tree is cut down in smaller sections so that the parts being removed are easier to control. This is highly skilled work as it involves specialist equipment and a clear understanding of lowering the weight.

After Care

After a tree removal has taken place, you will be left with a small stump that sits slightly above ground level. Our tree company will make sure that this is as low as possible in case you decide to not have it removed. In some circumstances, it will be fine to leave the stump as it is. In other cases, it is a simple task for us to remove the stump. You may choose to do this as a preventative measure to stop tree disease and tree mold attacking the stump and potentially passing on to other plants nearby. You may also choose it based on aesthetics. Perhaps it is an inconvenient location, is a trip hazard, or will be in the way of land clearing for construction work. Whatever your reason, we can help. We highly recommend stump grinding as the best method to do this.

Tree Trimming West Columbia SC

Here at Columbia Tree Pros, we are your local experts for tree trimming and pruning in West Columbia. This job plays a vital role in protecting you and your property from any damage and is a key part of a tree protection plan. Regular upkeep in this way will keep you safe from any disasters taking place. Alongside these safety measures it keeps your trees looking great and flourishing well. The process may sound easy, but it takes an expert to perform to ISA standards, ensuring a thorough job while keeping the tree alive and ready to grow back.

Differences Between Trimming and Pruning

The differences between tree trimming and tree pruning are specific and often depend on the time of year that the procedure is taking place. Trimming is when dead, loose or diseased parts of the tree are removed. Pruning on the other hand, involves cutting back overgrown, alive plant. This is commonly called crown reduction when working with trees.  Your arborist will be able to ascertain when assessing your trees, the best method to improve their health, provide storm preparation, and look the best that they can. Both processes cut back your tree so that not only the is health improved, but also the overall aesthetic.

Tree Health

Having your trees professionally trimmed and pruned will ensure that it is healthy, avoiding weaknesses and tree disease. As you can imagine, the weight of all those branches is extremely heavy and trees require a little bit of help to stay strong and resistant to the weather. By reducing this weight, cutting some of it away, the chances of snapped branches are removed. By minimizing the likelihood of weaknesses in the tree, we reduce the likelihood of diseases getting inside the trunk and taking hold. These hazards include rot, and fungi. If these diseases take hold of your tree they can spread easily throughout your land, even potentially to the structure of your home. It is vital that we prevent diseases from manifesting on your land in West Columbia.


By trimming your trees, we can keep them looking smart and in a less disheveled shape. Our experts will carefully remove any dead or infected branches. These parts of the tree will not flourish and when they are removed, fresh possibilities for growth are created. Pruning and trimming are expert skills, because if a tree is over-pruned it will die. Skilled pruning will ensure a smart look, remove any health issues in the tree and will also boost flower growth and fruit harvests too!

Storm Preparation

In order to make sure that your tree is weatherproof, tree trimming and pruning are important services to have done regularly. We will remove any hazardous branches that are likely to break, and cause potential damage, expertly preserving the trees health and chances of regrowth at the same time. Trimming to make sure that all sides are equal will also make it resistant to high winds from whichever direction. All these processes will assist in your tree being at optimum strength, preventing any emergencies and giving you peace of mind.

Tree Removal Service in West Columbia SC